Stories I Tell: CD
  • Stories I Tell: CD

Stories I Tell: CD

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Barry Delaney has released another studio album entitled “Stories I Tell” The album is a blend of ballads mixed with the occasional foot stomper! There are 15 tracks 10 of which were written by Barry. He has also included the song “Widow’s Walk” as a bonus track. This song was recorded with Erin’s Call and also featured on Home Brew 4. Barry wanted to re-release the song as a bonus. This album is off the heels of his Christmas album released in 2014, “Let the Bells Ring” and is once again distributed by Downhome Distribution. The CD is available where most music is sold. The album will also be digitally distributed and available by most distributors including, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, etc. The album will also be available out of hand through Barry and available through his website, or via email at . Barry is very excited to share this music with you and hopes that you can relax and enjoy the stories he tells.

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