From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Heading Home for Christmas

Heading home for Christmas this year
My bags are packed I’m getting out of here
This Prairie Town it takes a toll on me
My wife and kids are waiting there for me

Six and two don’t add up to much time
Missing life with them is such a crime
If there was more for me round here to do
My time away from now would be through

Heading home for Christmas, family and friends gathered round
To see your face, and hold you tight, to lay my head by yours each night
Honey I’ll be home for Christmas

The Harbour lights they reach out like a friend
Won’t be long and I’ll be home again
Tomorrow we’ll head out to find a tree
The nicest one that you will ever see

With sounds of the season in my year
I think of how this won’t be like last year
Their smiling faces ‘ill surely tell the tale
This Christmas I’ll be home rain, sleet or hail.

` Chorus:

Slowly as I pull into the drive
The spirit of the season comes alive
This is what we’ve all been waiting for
As they rush out to meet me at the door

The house emits a special yuletide glow
Just how she does it this I’ll never know
To make the season bright she has a way
With Christmas and every other day

On last Chorus repeat with I’m so glad I’m home for Christmas

Words and Music By Barry Delaney
Written July 22-26, 2013
© Barry Delaney SOCAN