From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Let the Bells Ring

With ribbons all wrapped around boxes of gold with silver bells merrily ringing
Freshly pressed angels in blankets of snow with the sound of sweet voices singing
The spirit is stout as they muster about every one of us from every station.
The feeling is clear as it drifts through the air as if with a proud declaration.
Let the Bells Ring, let the children all sing, let their praises awake every nation
Let there be peace of mind for all of mankind let it echo throughout all creation
Let the Bells Ring
With snow gently falling the masses are out never once concerned about weather
It strengthens the mood as they hasten among the lights that bestow every color
It’s deep in the soul of the young and the old from feelings not hard to remember
Those feelings of love that rises above every 25 of December
The gates are now open and midnight is nigh salutations to all those who meet
They answer the bells as they greet one and all with the sounds of shuffling feet
They gather as one to pray for the Son sent down to us on Christmas Day
In prayer and in song with voices so strong Christmas blessings and then on their way

Music & Lyrics by Barry Delaney
SOCAN ©2014