From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Living Christmas’ in the Past

Alone in a chair she rocks to the rhythm of songs they danced to each year
Her eyes closed tightly she still smells the scent of the aftershave he used to wear
The glow of the fire the sounds of the season his arms tightened fast round her waist
Tears fallin’ lightly both daily and nightly one more without him she’ll face.

She goes to the attic and sifts through old boxes for trinkets from old days of yore
Her hands so fragile she dusts off a few and lays them down on the floor.
Each decoration brings with it old memories she misses him so much this year
She grins for a moment of times they both cherished soon her smile drifts away with a tear.

One more alone she thinks, stands by the kitchen sink; ponders a time long ago.
Young children runnin’ ‘bout laughin’ and singing out Christmas was well on the go.
A kiss on her cheek she feels sits to their Christmas meal why did this time every pass
Now she’s rocking alone with no feelings of home living Christmas’ in the past

Familiar old tunes she hears from the distance as she makes her way to midnight Mass
She watches her neighbours and all of the children and bids them a smile as they pass
In a pew of an old church she sits all alone whispering songs she once knew
When words are not coming, she shyly starts humming remembering as he used to do

Now back at home she plugs in the Christmas tree sits by the old telephone
These days she doesn’t have much to look forward to wishing her children were home
The call she’s been waiting for’s finally here she puts on her happiest tone
She says Merry Christmas and a Happy New year, hangs up and cries all alone


Words and Music by Barry Delaney
© SOCAN 2011