From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Through The Rafters

It’s magical music good friends and good times
Fruit cake and stockings yuletides and old rhymes
With old fashion tinsel; cards hung round your door
The Season’s upon us you can’t ask for more

An old kitchen table stogged full with delights
A scatter old janny you’d see every night
A swing and a dance and a cup of good cheer
Wishing your neighbours a Happy New Year

Join hands lift your heart from the moment it starts
Glad tidings and goodwill may they never depart
Join hands raise your voice for it’s time to rejoice
Our songs through the rafters we merrily hoist

The scrunching of snow on the old wooden step
A knock on the door the commotion’s well set
Soon kettles are boiling and food’s on the way
You’re embracing relations who’ve been far away

You gaze at the lights what a sweet sight to see
The kids are all waiting for old Santa’s knee
Their eyes tell the story with cheeks all aglow
With wishes and dreams now their memories grow


A small wooden church at the end of the hill
With little old window’s and lights of good will
For the masses to gather at midnight and pray
With the Christ child all swaddled in a manger with hay

So join hands together for the ties that do bind
For the spirit of Christmas I know ye’ will find
Be ye’ rich be ye’ poor be ye’ happy or sore
Remember that Christmas is never a chore


Words and Music by Barry Delaney