1. We Wise Men

From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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We Wisemen

I am one of those wise men
Who crossed the desert wide
To see the Holy chosen child
With Mary by his side

And Joseph knelt beside him
In a manger he did lay
Guided by a star so bright
We wisemen made our way

Now Mary was a lady fair
And shyly she did smile
She held her newborn baby high
For we three to beguile


The ox and lamb kept time you see
The boy did play his drum
As Mary sang the sweetest tune
To Christ her newborn son


We offered frankincense and myrrh
We praised his Holy name
And the star that drew us nigh that night
It led us back again


(Lead Break)

A king of kings salvation brings
As angels watched on high
For sin of man the scripture says
Came forth this little boy