1. Tis The Season

From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Tis The Season
Tis the season to be merry voices sing and hearts be light
Enters in on God’s good humor wishing all a silent night
Wishing all a silent night

Trim the tree and light the fire warm ye now upon the hearth
Sending forth the will of Christmas bidding all their peace on earth
Wrap ye all those secret treasures keep them now from spying eyes
Baking treats for all the season biscuits, bread and homemade pies
Plenty room around the table plenty room for one and all
Holly stretched upon the mantle candles flicker on the wall
Open home to friendly faces come now all ye kith and kin
Welcome all from every station greetings all who gather in
Pass the wine around the table making sure you take you fill
Pass it to the one beside you help yourself now if you will
Now’s the time to share the music count it in now if you please
All hands quick to share the rhythm guitar and bodhran on their knees
The sounds of Christmas touch the senses happy times though sometimes sad
Bringing forth those staunch reminders of the special ones we had
Here’s good health to all ye neighbors Christmas wishes to you all
Here’s hoping that the hands that guide you tighten fast around ye all