1. That Old Man

From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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That Old Man

I remember that Old Man he lived just down the road
Never paid much attention always had a heavy load
Never bothered anyone never asking for a hand
There was something strange about him folks couldn’t understand

The Townsmen they would shun him some walked the other way
They didn’t need a reason, they really couldn’t say
It never caused the old man grief he always had a smile
Ambling through the streets of town with a wink for every child

We wondered every Christmas why we never heard a sound
Never shared the season, never even came around

Then one night it happened a young girl lost her way
They had no way to find her cause of snow that fell that day
Just then they heard bells ringing and a figure came in site
There fast asleep was the little girl whom he was holding tight

Now that was many years ago and his secret still as safe
I can still remember that promise I did make
You see I wasn’t fast asleep that night so long ago
There’s many thing I have seen that folks will never know


They said he never bothered and he never came around
If they’d known him as I do now they surely would have found
The spirit of the season was deep within his soul
His kindness they will never know brought joy to young and old

Don’t ever judge a neighbour be quick to cast a stone
Everyone is different no matter where you roam
It just could be that little man with his beard so snowy white
Or a little girl that needs your help on a dark and stormy night

Now I know every Christmas why he never made a sound
He’s part of every season and he’s always been around

Words and Music by Isabella Delaney & Barry Delaney
© 2012 SOCAN