From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Christmas In our Town
Special times are found when the snow sticks to the ground
And the lights of every color fill the air
The feeling’s felt by all the big ones and the small
Their hearts filled once again with Christmas Cheer
As feet take to the street they greet each friend they meet
With a wink and a nod they make their way
They know the time is nigh and no one can deny
The spirit of the season’s here to stay

So put rosin on the bow and let the music flow
Let’s echo through the streets and all around
Fill your tumblers one by one everybody , everyone
For its Christmas in our Town

The boys from out the cove are gathered round the stove
Harmonizing tunes that fill the air
The rest all gather in their faces filled with grins
As Lonny rises up a dance to share
With two arms by his side his face is filled with pride
As one by one the floor is covered in
With the jigs and with the reels sure everybody feels
Another Christmas party’s creeping in

When it’s Christmas in our town not one is left unfound
A closer knitted crew there’s none you’ll see
For sure you’ll always find each year at Christmastime
An out port life means friends and family
As the bells they fill the air, it’s time for all to share
And answer to the call we always do
Out the road and through the lane the tradition stays the same
As we pass Christmas Blessing on to you.