From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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This Woman And This Man

Full of grace yet no more than a child
A face of beauty; of family meek and mild
A secret deep within her prophesies to fulfill
To be His mother was the Father’s will

He was older a carpenter by trade
Knowing her commitment had been made
He cared for that woman like she carried his own son
To ensure that the Lord’s will be done

Was it destiny that guided them that night so long ago?
Did the angels light the way, did they really even know
They made their way together through the winds and cross the sand
This woman , this woman and this man.

The sun beat down upon them on their way
He cared for her and wiped her tears away
He knew his wife was getting weak he knew the time was near
He had to find a place for her somewhere

The words no room echoed through the night
She smiled at him said things ‘ill be alright
When a man finally pointed to a stable so forlorn
She whispered this is where He will be born

Changes to a modulation to the next chorus leave out last verse


The friendly beasts gathered by his side
In a bed of hay his father knelt and cried
In the cool of evening with the moonlight shining down
Her newborn baby never made a sound

Words and Music by Barry Delaney
Written October 23-24, 2012
© Barry Delaney 2012 SOCAN