From the recording Let The Bells Ring

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Christmas in The River

T=was not very long ago I still remember so
Walking up Fisherman=s road
With snow gently falling my mother out calling
The smell of a wood burning stove
The sound of a sleigh and a horse eating hay
My Father I Finally see
He=s calling to mother my sister and brothers
What do you think of the tree.

A Blanket of white on those cold winter nights
Carry me back , cause me to grin
With children=s hearts gleaming warm holiday feelings
It=s Christmas in The River again.

With friends on our street now we surely would meet
In the Church at the end of the road
To pray close together still I=d watch the weather
As snow fell on trees in the grove
To play the next day with my new wooden sleigh
Was all now that I could think of
For all of these memories so vivid and lovely
I thank the Lord up above.


Now being much older those days seem much colder
My old wooden sleigh now is gone
Yet the spirit of youth to tell you the truth
Takes me back where I belong
To warm friendly kisses and mom doin= dishes
After our huge Christmas meal
These thoughts I=ll hold close and remember the most
For Christmas in The River was real.

Words and Music by Barry Delaney
` Copyright 1999